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Our reseller plans give you everything you need to start your own successful reseller business, including a pre-built Website, Advertising Tips  With  integrated site traffic reporting . Already running your own eCommerce site? Our Application Programming Interface (API) plugs seamlessly into your site, maintaining your branding and unique look and feel.




    The basic principle of this reseller program is the same as with all reseller programs – selling web and advertising services – as simple as that. What we are offering is a new approach – you don’t have to actually purchase the services prior to selling it.


We offer a wide variety of web services, which you can sell – web development plans, advertising  solutions, SEO Services, Traffic Packs all other services offered by us. And with all of them, all you have to do is name your own custom price on top of our wholesale price. This way, the client will purchase the product carrying YOUR brand name, from YOUR website, at YOUR price. And your profit will be the difference between the wholesale price of each plan and the retail price you set.

You can join to become our Reseller Partners and start earning. Upto 70% Less Price with 100% Guaranteed Results.


Our Reseller Plans


Slab- 1

Slab – 2

Slab – 3

Re-seller Prices  10% Off  20% Off  30% Off
Target (Semi- Anully)  Rs. 10,000  Rs. 8000  Rs. 5000
Free Website  NA  Yes  Yes
Joining Fee  Rs. 1000  Rs. 2500  Rs. 3500


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