Back-linking Packs

     A backlink is a hyperlink pointed to your website from another site, or it can also be a link you give yourself from any pages within your site. Backlinks are the bread& butter of online marketing for die-hard webmasters, and the key to ranking high in the search engines.


Get Backlinks


    Backlinks are important because they are seen as a type of credit given to you from other webmasters. Search engines give you more status for quality backlinks, especially if they are from other sites within your niche. The more status a site has, the higher it will rank (this is especially true in competitive niches).


If for example your site is geared for travelers, a backlink from a cruise site will give you great “bonus” points in the eyes of Google – especially if that site has a strong PR.

bl.1 10 Backlinks INR 150
bl.2 25 Backlinks INR 400
bl.3 50 Backlinks INR 600
bl.4 100 Backlinks INR 1100
bl.5 150 Backlinks INR 1550
bl.6 200 Backlinks INR 2100
bl.7 300 Backlinks INR 3100
bl.8 500 Backlinks INR 5000
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